Welcome to our home page. We specialize in custom technology solutions meeting individual needs and levels of ability. Our approach combines technological innovation with an emphasis on accessibility, practicality and ease of use. Enabling people through technology is what we do.

NaturallySpeaking 10.0

  • The current version is now 10.0.
  • The most advanced voice recognition software available today.
  • Authorized Nuance Reseller and Certified Trainer.
  • Authorized Dealer - Assistive Technology Devices and Services

    Madentec Family of Products:

    Integrated computer solutions for people with disabilities.

    Satisfaction guaranteed. All our assistive technology devices come with a 30-day, full money back guarantee. Post-sale services include free installation, training and follow-up support during the guarantee period. One year parts and labor warranty on all hardware.

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    Technology Seminars - Introductory to Advanced
    Getting to know the Internet; how to get connected; communicating with e-mail, usenet groups, security and privacy issues, cruising the World Wide Web to find information that is useful.
    Home or office, individuals or groups. Presentations are tailored to meet your needs: overview, research, specific topics, virtual tours.
    Our classes keep entrepreneurs ahead of the competition. From software to automobiles, today's consumers are increasingly likely to shop--and buy-- from their homes. We show you how to explore cyber-marketing in the new global marketspace.
    Internet access and use; home page services; using and optimizing Netscape; pc/video conferencing.

    Web Site Development and Promotion
    We do more than site development - we create virtual communities! A Web Site takes teamwork to develop and on-going improvements, plus active promotion.

    About Krysler Consulting
    Sterling Krysler has been empowering people through technology since 1992. He regularly conducts live Internet demonstrations for small groups and public audiences, such as the Hawaii Technology Fair and the Pacific Rim Conference. Recent clients include Hawaii Department of Health, U.S. Department of the Navy, Borders Books & Music, Hawaii Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, plus scores of individuals. He also appears as a technology commentator on network and community television.

    A former commercial pilot with background in management and engineering, Sterling is a board member and two-term president of Aloha Special Technology Access Center in Honolulu.

    Sterling is president of SCI Group Hawaii, an independent spinal injury support group based in Honolulu, and he serves on the Community Advisory Committees of the Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii (ATRC) and the Long Term Care Branch of the Department of Health. Member of the Professional Advisory Committee for Prime Care Services Hawaii and Board Member of the Hawaii PC User Group.

    Sterling has been married to Lori Krysler for over thirty-four years. They have two married children and are the proud grandparents of Kaila Noelle, born January 30, 1996, Trevor Alexander, born June 13, 1999, Matthew Blake, born October 4, 2001, Ryan Sterling, born March 29, 2003 and Claire Marie, born August 20, 2004.

    Phone: 808/988-9190 or 405 610-2474
    Fax: 405 610-3621
    E-mail: krysler@krysler.com


    Updated August 19, 2008